17 February 2010

Simple LED Panel Lamp

LED panel lamp:

LED panel lamp
Well, yesterday I got attack of conscience and decide to make something local to improve world power shortage. I rebuild old halogen 12W lamp in my table lamp on modern LED light.

Halogen 10W:

Halogen 10W
This was reason which push me to work. I have electric power AC220V and it's transformed to plain AC12V which drive this lamp with 1A...o light and heat with 12 W. Very hot!


You can see what heat of 12W do... plastic is melted. Well light color is warm about 3000K. Its not day light which we like much.

Eternal plexi:

Eternal plexi
I took 5mm Plexiglas 120x80mm, drill holes for LED foots. Also I shall rectify AC to DC current.


LED China. 11mm dia. 3.6V and 20mA. Each.And I have 12VDC output.What to do?
I shall connect LED serial !-so 4 leds shall easy hold 14.4V! In my case 12V divide with 4 is 3V. Less. OK.


I took alcoholic silver paint pen to paint bottom of each led. Do you know why?  To increase light in front direction. My moto: keep it simple.


White wires are AC12V from transformer. AC is converted in DC with Graetz diodes, full wave, After that is 8 lines of 4 LEDs ...voila!

Be light!

Be light!
Switch on! ...nothing burned...it works! Nothing is warm...even 4 Graetz-diodes (they are 1A) are cold.
Instead 2W I have output 12VX15mAX8=cca 1,5W... or so.. 

And light is on!

And light is on!
I put on back(glued) 6mm sponge. (roll sponge for laying on pool...). YOU can put a tape. Or card paper. Or something else --- what you like. Just for better look and some protection. And
of course: WARNING. Do this on own risk. Not mine.

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