02 March 2010

C P U Troubleshooting Procedures

This is a simple Procedure.you want Problem Found in your Personal Computer?Look This guide

*First Connect Power Supply.Not Given Display?
*Disconnect Power Supply.
*Open Left Cover CPU.
*Hard disk & CD Rom Power Supply Remove And Clean.
*Hard Disk & CD Rom Data Cable Remove And Clean.
*Ram Remove his slot and Clean with Cloth.Check...Not Display...another Ram connect your PC and check...Not Display...Your old Ram check another computer is alright.
*Open Processor And check other computers.his alright.
*Replace Data cables in CPU.
*Check Your Jumpers Setting.
*Computer is ON and ok
*Start And Enter The BIOS Setup And Detect Hard Disk.And Set First Boot CD Rom Save And Exit.
*Enter Your Operating System Compact Disk And Start Windows Installation.Good Luck!

You Are Connect Double Hard Disk in a CPU?

*First Your Old Hard disk is Disconnect.
 *Set Old Hard Disk Jumper Setting.Old Hard Disk Jumper is Only MASTER.
*New Hard disk Jumper is Only SLAVE.
*Connect Cables & Start CPU.
*Enter BIOS Setup And Detect Hard Disk BIOS Show Two Hard Disk.Enjoy
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