03 July 2010


Microsoft InstaLoad battery 

NewsRoom: Breaking News! No need to be confused while inserting batteries into any devices. Microsoft has developed a new technology 'InstaLoad' that lets you know inserting batteries in any direction.

InstaLoad works with most barrel-type batteries. The users will not have to be aware of the insert technique of the battery like putting positive (+) and negative (-) side of battery in the right direction.

The new technology supports your AA, AAA, C and D batteries too. Even it does not matter whether the batteries are rechargeable or not. Microsoft is also providing a royalty-free license program regarding the devices for disabled people of hearing, vision, learning or other.

 Microsoft is now just about software, as they are also into hardware with a new battery technology known as InstaLoad being in the works. InstaLoad will target those who are easily flustered by the process of inserting power cells correctly into various electronic devices including digital cameras, tape recorders and TV remotes. Basically, InstaLoad technology "allows users to easily install a battery without regard to positive and negativity polarity," which is a good thing for the absent minded. Guess the battery diagrams that we're so used to seeing could very well be phased out if this catches on. Currently, Microsoft plans to license the technology to third-party gadget manufacturers, where they claim InstaLoad can easily be swapped in for conventional battery contacts. It is currently compatible with CR123, AA, AAA, C and D batteries, with Duracell already endorsing the system.
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