08 May 2011

100 Watt Inverter Circuit with Veroboard Print (LOW COST)

  1. P1 = 250 k ohms
  2. R1 & R2 = 4.7 k ohms
  3. R3 to R6 = 0.1R - 5 Watt
  4. C1 = 0.022uF
  5. C2 = 220uF-25V
  6. D1 = BY 127
  7. D2 = 9.1v Zener Diode
  8. Q1 & Q2 = TIP122
  9. Q3 to Q6 = 2N3055
  10. F1 = 10amp Fuse
  11. IC1 = CD4047
  12. Transformer = 12-0-12v (10 Ampere) Step Down 220 to 12v
 Working Or Description:
                                            This is a 100 watt Inverter Circuit use Minimum number of Components.I think it is quit difficult to make a decent one like this with further less components.Here we use {CD 4047 IC} for generating the 100 Hz pulses and four {2N3055} Transistor for driving the load.The IC1 {CD 4047} wired as an Astable  multi vibrator produces two 180 degree out of phase 100 Hz pulse train.These pulse train are preamplifier by the two TIP122 Transistor.The output of the TIP122 Transistor are amplified by fout 2N3055 Transistor {Two transistor for each of half cycle} to drive the inverter transformer.The 220 AC be available at a secondary of the transformer.Nothing complex just the elementary inverter principle and the circuit great for small load like a few savers or fans.This is LOW COST inverter only 7 $.THIS IS THE BEST.
Circuit Diagram:
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Basic Info{READ}:
  • 12v Car Battery can be use for this Inverter Circuit.
  • Use the P1 to set the output frequency  to 50 Hz.
  • Transformer 10 amp and winding 12-0-12 to Primary & Secondary.
  • Mount the IC on a IC holder.
  • Remember this  circuit is nothing when compared the advanced PWM {Pulse width Modulation}.
100 Watt INVERTER PHOTOS:Click to Large

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